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Important Notes :

  1. This is a demonstration store. Some of the products, categories, shipping totals, etc. may seem odd for this type of store, but our objective is to showcase the various features of the software.
  2. Remember that you share the demo store with other individuals, so depending on the number of people using the demo at any one time, you may see some strange results (eg. while you are order a product, someone else might delete the order from administration panel, etc.).
  3. The demo store's database will be refreshed every now and then, which will naturally result in the deletion of orders, products, etc. that have been entered into the demonstration database.
  4. Some of the functions (especially in the Administration demo) have been disabled to prevent abuse.
  5. All email messages that are normally sent out by the software have been disabled. In other words, you won't receive any emails when you place a demo order, etc.
  6. Some fields are pre-entered for convenience. This is not the regular behaviour of the software.
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